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    This is how a project we do together will usually begin. You send us a document stating the following:
    The goal – what you want to say and why;
    The target audience – who are you saying it to;
    The ideal duration – how quickly you want to say it;
    The deadline – when must you say it by;
    The imperatives – what absolutely needs to go into saying it;
    The roadmap – roughly how you might want to say it.
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    The last point may be a stumbling block. Some already have a good idea of how they want to tell their story. Others are staring at a blank page. Either way, we can help, but at this stage, the more you can tell us the better. If you need a hand writing a project brief, have a look at this
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    This is an example of a good brief. Yours need not be so detailed. Perhaps you’re not yet sure what you want each scene to look like, but the bottom line is, the more information you can give us the better. At the very least we need to know what you’d like the film to show, what needs to be in it for sure, approximately how long you want it to be and when you want it delivered.
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    Visiting places of detention – how the ICRC does it
    Aim of animation: To show both the process and the purpose of the ICRC's detention visits.
    Duration: 3-5 minutes
    Deadline: 30 October 2015
  2. Text in bold is intended to appear on the production Lausanne
  3. Text presented any other way is purely for information and is not intended to appear on the screen
  4. The PowerPoint document provided is intended only to give an idea of the the sequence and the general idea. It is not intended to represent the graphic design of the animation.production vidéo Lausanne
    Somewhere … in one of the 92 countries where the ICRC visited detainees in 2014Arrival scene:
    Land Cruiser with ICRC logo stops in front of prison. Delegates get out and go inside. One delegate is visibly a doctor (white coat/stethoscope).Film d'animation Lausanne
    Meeting with prison director:production vidéo Genève
    Delegates meet prison director.
    Tour of premises: Film d'animation Genève
    Delegates make complete tour of prison. They look everywhere … cells, kitchen, showers, etc. Show cross-section through prison with delegates moving along corridors like characters in a video game. Make it clear that they're check to see if the authorities are hiding anything (or anyone).Private interview:web video Geneva
    Sad-looking detainee (in handcuffs, escorted by a guard) approaches room in which delegate is waiting, sitting on a chair, but not behind a desk.freelance videographer
    Guard escorts detainee into room, removes handcuffs and leaves, closing door behind him.
    Detainee shakes hands with delegate, sits down on a chair at an angle to the delegate.
    Delegate adds detainee's name to list ("registration") [maybe zoom to look over delegate's shoulder and see that he is writing something like "DUNANT, Henry"]
    Delegate conducts interview with detainee, taking notes on clipboard [not laptop!].
    Delegate places hand on shoulder of distressed detainee.
    Delegate hands over message to detainee. Detainee visibly happy. Reads message.
    Detainee writes message (zoom in over shoulder to show Red Cross Message form and detainee writing).
    Delegate and detainee stand and shake hands at end of interview.
    Delegate knocks on door. Guard comes in, re-cuffs detainee and leads him away, detainee still smiling [contrast with mood before interview].
    End of visit and final meeting with prison director:
    Delegates come together from all parts of prison. Talk to each other briefly.
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    Delegates meet director, submit report marked "Findings and recommendations. CONFIDENTIAL"
    "Why" screen:
    In 2014, the ICRC visited 800,000 detainees in 92 countries.
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    With an accurate brief in hand, we can send you an accurate quote. As most productions can be tailored to fit a certain budget, it’s often best to tell us how much you can spend. We can then suggest the more cost-effective approach or style. For example we might say, “Ah, for that budget we could do this animation in 3D,” or “Oh, for that budget we should stick to motion graphics.”
    If you prefer a quote, no problem. We send, and that’s when you scream “What?! That much? Let’s get Communications to do it.” Before you take that route, though, take a look at this quality comparison.
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    That said, in-house video production can be a great solution in some cases, but a bit of training is often required for best results. If you’re interested in the in-house route, we’re happy to help: Smartcuts training.
    Even though production costs vary a lot, here’s a rough idea of prices.
    Finally, if it’s an animation you’re looking for, then at this point we may need to figure out what style you have in mind in order to provide you with an accurate quote. In that case we’ll send you an animation sampler so that we can all get a better idea of what you’d like your film to
    Ok, so we’ve agreed on a price. It’s now time to lay down the foundations of your project: script, visual description, notes and graphics. We put it all down on a storyboard that we both have access to online. This means we’re always dealing with the very latest version and we get your comments directly on the storyboard in real time. See a sample storyboard. During this phase of the process we need your input.
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